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So, my name is ally. sophmore! cross country. indoor & outdoor track. 
March 30th is the best day, cause I was born and my family was blessed with an amazing person like me.

Quotes by Summerxbabe09

Boys love us (girls). They adore us. Without us whose feelings are they going mess with? They can't talk to guys they would to girls because they think it's gay and being gay is gay. They talk to multiple girls at one time and tell them the same thing. They don't care whose feelings get hurt as long as they're happy. And the worst part is, we fall for them even though we know everything. 
You have to kiss a few frogs to find the prince though.
When finding the boy that treats a girl the right way, that's the one she needs to hold on too. The worst part about that is that we want the boys who can't treat us right.
It's hard faking a smile on the
when you're so hurt on the

that moment when you realize,
he doesn't care if you don't text him back.

I wish
i was someones first priority..
 besides my parents.


 I hate when, someone sits in your
spot on the couch that you mentally claimed.


  && i do a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. for a

surprise visit from him right now ♥

"In love there is no accidents,
a few swings and misses.
sometimes an arrow or two;

[but you gotta play the game with heart ]

Not knowing,
if you like him or not; sigh.

You're never to young to love;
  if you are never to young to die.

In      a       house            f u l  l       of         food;


there is no food. ♥