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Quotes by SunKissedBeauty

Go on Google images 
and type " Atari Breakout "
There will only be 7 planets
after I destroy Uranus.
Okay so guys, tell me if this is a good idea..
I got inspired from a story on wattpad and 
decided to start a kind of thing at my school.
I will write inspirational messages on post it notes
then I will stick them to people's lockers. 
Please comment some inspirational quotes and if it's a good idea, thank you <3
Popular Girl: HAHAHAHA, brian from my chem class is such a fail!! :))
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Yeah, like your dad's condom.
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How do I manage to lose everyone I care about at the same time
There is a girl in my school, who thinks she is better than everyone else. And she has no boobs or butt so she sticks it out when she walks. 
Its just..Uh I cant explain. 
I just face palm myself each time.
I remember back in like fourth grade we all vowed to never smoke or drink. 
All the people in my class broke that promise, except me.

     I am new,
to this teenager stuff, I recently broke up with my first boyfriend. we have been together for a year, 
but there was a problem... He was hurting me. I guess you could say we were
in love. I am only thirteen but before you start to hate on me and say we cant be in love then tell me what this is. We dated for a year, the kisses, hugs, morning texts, it was all like a perfect dream. I know why people love each other
now. Its
amazing. The thing is, I had a shield on my eyes. He was flirting with all the girls, even kissing them. I heard it all from people. They tried to save me, but I didnt listen. I loved him too much, I trusted him. Then I found a video which changed my mind, and broke up with him. Ever since then, I cant be loyal in a relationship. I cant keep my mind on one guy. I was stupid. He changed me. I guess that is why they say you cant be in love at a young age.
It's all a lie.

I hate all these commercials of beautiful, skinny girls :(
The worst type of cry is ~
That one cry where you are having a really bad day but you stay strong during the whole day. The thing is as soon as you get home, you go in your room and listen to sad music. Its the middle of the night and you curl up into a ball, you try and try to hold the tears back. You feel a lump in your throat and your mouth goes dry. You can feel your lips shake, it's taking every ounce of self control to not cry because you know your family will hear you. It's the one where you want to scream, your eyesight goes blurry from tears trying to escape. You sit there and hold onto a pillow or your stomach so you dont burst. The one where you hold you're breath and everything goes dizzy. You're still in a ball trying to suck it in and make no noise but then its hurts your lungs so the tears start to come. It's puring from your eyes and now you dont even care, you dont have a care in the world except for that one reason you're crying. At that one moment you want everything to go away, it might be your first experience with depression or your first suicide attempt. Just remember I am here if you need to talk, the reason you are crying is not worth your tears.