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i like to write, draw, and watch sherlock.
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Quotes by SunburstHorizon

it's been awile since we've spoken.
the seeds of encouragement you
planted in my brain have bloomed
into full grown flowers.

my mom once told me that i

 would find someone who fit me like a glove,

She lied

selling art:
be there

          I am a lost little girl
                              running to escape the past i desperately wish  to         lose

now we're standing alone
and all i want to do 
is tell you how much
i wish i never met you
because my love for you
is stronger than myself
e n t i r e l y

sometimes i watch snow fall
from the comfort of my home.
i see as it drifts to the ground,
weightless but falling all the 
same. it reminds me of myself,
how i feel weightless, falling
through an endless pit of nothing,
just like that.
but this time, the snow will not
break my fall.
   — a girl

it's been too long since i've found myself. i went missing again.

Why he left me i'll never understand , but i know now that it's not my f a u l t .

i once felt i loved the world,
and that the world loved me
now i am grown, and i can
sense the world's lies . she
doesn't love me - and truly
she never did.
“i went to you when you needed me, but when I needed you, you went to her."