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hi i'm cate. i'm still alive although i don't use this anymore.
you can find me here though: 

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Quotes by Sunny1703


Isn't it ironic, 
how the place you have spent all your life dreaming of escaping to,
could be the place someone else has spent all their life dreaming of ways to escape from?




&I  would rather be complimented on my personality,
or writing,
or music taste
than my appearence.
because i feel that when people say I'm pretty,
they are looking at the outside of me,
 not who I
really am,
and i think
that being complimented for who you are on the inside, 
it much more rewarding,
than for what you look like on the outside. 


&I f you compliment me on my writing or my face or anything really I will never forget it. And I know I brush it off with a simple "thank you," but the truth is it stays in my mind forever & I will always love you  for it, even if I don't truly agree.

&I f  I see jagged cuts in the gaps between the layered bracelts you always wear,
I will be especially sweet to you,
and when it's just you and me at the end of the day because we both take forever to pack our bags,
I will let my sleeve drift up my arm to let you know that you're not alone. 

{I want to write beautiful things, but I too often forget that I am not a beautiful person.}

I am feeling too lonely today. 
I know I'm young, 
I know it won't happen for a long, long time.
I know it may never happen. 
But I long for the warmth of someone else's body. 
I long to be loved, 
Not because I may be beautiful on the outside, 
But because they think I am beautiful on the inside. 
I long to be loved for my flaws, 
My imperfections,
My mistakes. 
I long for someone to care enough to kiss my scars,
And wipe my tears. 
I long to fall deeply, deeply in love with someone. 
But I am still too young.
So today, 
I am lonely. 




  does anyone else find it strange that basically all witty is is quotes about being on witty



Maybe you'll follow, maybe you'll stay,
I'm praying you won't give yourself away, 
Y o u   k n o w   t h a t  y o u   a r e   t h e   o n e   I   p r o m i s e   t h e   s t a r s.
You are


And I long for the days 
When I will breathe
And not feel the sadness
Anchored to each lung 



  does anyone else find it weird that witty's been alive for 10 years and we still don't even know what Steve looks like