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I'm 13 and my name's Dez. I have the most AMAZING friends: Randy, Carter, Erin, Britt., Shania, Taylor, and Whitney. We all hang out and play basketball. I love to drink amps and monsters and other drinks. I am someone that people can trust.

Quotes by Super_Dezi

 If life treated us the way we wanted, the world would be a very, very....I don't know what it would be.

Life is a big deal,
You come and go places,
People come to you and leave you,
But the number 1 idea of life is to make sure you can handle the hard times.
That dream guy you were dreaming about,
He's real,
But he isn't what you think,
That day he saw you and hurt you,
That's when you realized,
Looks are deceiving.
This is one of life's obstacles that you could've survived if you didn't cry.
Life's hard,
Stick through it.
 My friends and I were at this convention thing for school,there were only six of us and a whole bunch of other schools there. 

There was this hot guy there and I said to Erin, "Did you see that hot guys butt?"
Carter and Erin are like, "Dez!" 
I'm like," What?"
hot guy goes by.
Erin, " Your right Dez!"
Me, "I didn't mean it literally!"
 What if someone gave you lemons?
 My friends are the weirdest but most amazing friends EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Winnie the Pooh Exercise Song!!!
 Up, Down, Touch the ground,
Puts me in the mood,
*taste taste*
For food.
I am short fat and proud of that .
When I exercise it puts me in the mood...
*taste taste*
for food.
 Are we crazy?
Plz answer.
 If you catch a fish, 
and you kill it,
then walk into a church during service,
act like your crying,
say: Save this fish! Bring it alive once again!!!!!!!!
Everybody will look at you funny but don't mind them, 
just ask the paster if he can bring the fish back to life.
 I love a guy but I don't even think he knows it.
The worm's going to eat you!!!!!!!
Look out!!!!!
the worm ate Erin.


Her funeral was Saturday Morning on May 10, 2009