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family by oath
haii there. i'm rebecca/becca/whatever floats your boat. 14 candles. born on february 18th. living it up in canada. i'm a dancer. i'm in love with cody simpson and niall horan. i like bright orange, neon yellow and lime green. i have crazy mood swings and sometimes i can be a little oversensitive. i'm quiet when i'm told to be but loud and obnoxious when i can be. i'm sarcastic, weird and crazy. i laugh loud and often. i hate school. i prefer chocolate in a ice cream form. i love my family and true friends with all my heart. i love sports like dance, swimming, basketball and volleyball. i have curly, dirty blonde hair that goes just below my shoulders. it usually covers my dark chocolate eyes and freckles. i love to dance, listen to music and swing on swings. my room is always a pig sty unless i'm forced to clean it. i have a little sister that i love to freaking bits. christmas has to be my favourite holiday. i make mistakes just like every other human being on this planet so deal with it. i tend to paint my toes ten different colours because i can never decide on just one. i love to type my smiley faces this way :) because they look happier to me. i'm a dreamer. making people happy > being happy myself. i'm very caution around love. i'm, without a doubt, not a morning person. i have a best guy friend. i stand up for myself. that's about it.
not by blood
hey! i'm becca/becs/alpha. 17 years old. born on february 18th. west coast livin' in canada. i'm a training competitive dancer. i'm in love with my soulmate. i like bright orange. i have been in a constant battle with mental disorders, eating disorders and self harm for the past 4 years but i'm almost there. i'm quiet, tough, and intimidating when you first meet me but kind, loyal and empathetic once you become my friend. i'm sarcastic, sassy and ambitious. i laugh loud and often with friends. i finished school a year early. i still prefer chocolate in a ice cream form. my second family holds a special place in my heart. i still love sports like dance, swimming, basketball and volleyball. hiking and kayaking are some of my new passions. i have wavy, blonde hair that goes down to my butt. it usually covers my chocolate and jade eyes and freckles. i love to adventure, play guitar with my squad and cuddle with my boy. my room is currently full of treasures i have found while exploring. i have a little sister who has faced some tough times as well. but she will be okay one day. summer is my favourite time of the year. growing up has been difficult for me but i'm so happy about who i am today. i start too many projects and finish too little of them. i love to talk to people and learn their perspectives on life. i'm on a spiritual journey. treat others how you want to be treated. i am no longer scared of affection. i'm, still without a doubt, not a morning person. i have friends who are more like brothers. i protect myself and those i love. it is now 2016 and please listen when i say: things do get better.


Quotes by Supergirl99

Dear him: One day, I hope you read this note
And understand what you did to my heart
For in the ocean of love it did float
And its bare walls you did cover in art.
I never grew tired of the butterflies
Or the shivers your voice sent up my spine.
I loved your details; your smile and your eyes
And I forever wish you still were mine.
You were perfect to me in every way
And you always made me feel like a queen.
Since you left, the art has been turning grey
And my vessel has been lost and unseen.
The joy, the smiles and the laughter and craze
Will always be held in those summer days.

This was an assignment for school btw. I don't usually write such structured and lengthy poems.
Lately, I've been feeling pretty tired.
It might be because
Loving someone
Who doesn't love you as much back
Is rather exhausting.

How ironic
That the thought of you clouds up my brain
When you're quite honestly my sunshine.

She was a lost soul
That found directions
In the lyrics of music
And a map
In the brush strokes
Of her art.

It's 2am
And I'm thinking of you.

I can only hope
That the brain behind your lovely face
Is as flooded with thoughts of me
As mine is of you.

And while he lived life,
I still tried to be a part of it
Although I could feel myself
Fading from his mind
And so I slowly
And quietly
Began to walk away.
I'm not sure what hurts more;
That I still love him
Or that he didn't stop me.


                     we aryoung

R.I.P. FramingMatthew

Gone but never forgotten   


My favourite place to be
is in your arms  ♥
loool jk jk
my bed is still better



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