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Quotes by Superman12345

The smaller your waist the weaker my knees
-said no boy ever
All I want for Valentines Day is Febreeze,because love is in the air and it smells really bad
I want your heart, so baby give it up
You are 15 years old,
you are supposed to be changing the world
not changing diapers
Remember the days when we were young
and everything was like a loaded gun
ready to go off at any minute

I wake up every morning and think "I am so done with my life".
But I wake up anyway,
because that's what I have to do.
I go to school everyday and think "I don't want to be around these people".
BUt I have to be around them,
because that's what I have to do.
Everyday I come home, and I see an extent of things that could end my dread,
but I don't end it,
but someday I just might.
Because that's what I might have to do.
If you freaking like me, you really need to just tell me, don't be annoying and expect me to read your freaking mind. I'm not a mind reader.
Periods are like those annoying friends you have, they are good and they are bad.
good: at least you're not pregnant
bad:it feels like a bowling ball is rolling around hitting the your body down there
The only thing that keeps me going through all this is the fact that I am going to be better than this someday
I'd rather go on hearing your lies,
than go on living without you.