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Hey so I go by the name Superman13, it's just one big Taylor Swift reference. If I were to choose a celeberity most like myself it would be her. I love the simple life even though I live in the big city. I love writing songs, finding amazingly true qoutes, and lyrics to me is what gives a song it's beauty.I'm head over heels obsessed and in love with lyrics. I love Witty Profiles because none of you know me in real life yet if you read my quotes you'll become a person that knows the most about me. I hate letting people in and allowing them to see my fears and my soft spots because in the end those are the people that leave me and hurt me the most, and honestly who wants that?

My life long obsession has been with peace signs. I just love 'em! My friends think I'm just some cowgirl hippie!

My dream ever since I was little was to own  a vintage VW Bug in powder blue and have a big peace sign on the hood and that my friends is the only thing I've ever really wanted in life. Also I would love to become a Zoo Keeper!


 I've also always wanted a Bernese Mountain Dog, well ever since I started my job at the boarding kennels 4 years ago before then I never knew they existed!...Or I could totally be suckered into buying a bulldog! :)

You know how most girls say a guy playing with children is the most attractive thing in the world, I disagree. A guy who loves his dog unconditionally and treats the dog like it's his child that's the most attractive thing in my world!


Harry Styles

Quotes by Superman13

I'm out of touch, I'm out of love
I'll pick you up when you get down
And out of all these things I've done I think I love you better now
I'm out of sight, I'm out of mind
I'll do it all for you in time
And out of all these things I've done I think I love you better now


This is for the girl who think Ryan & Marissa's song when they hear Forever Young, rather than One Direction!

Heres to the girls who think Bakcstreet Boys when they hear "As Long As You Love Me" raher than Justin Bieber

I love how people are making Wonderwall quotes now after One Direction covered it, Oasis is amazing come on Wittians!! 
So Him & his ffriend were stopped at the set of lights I was crossing at.

It wasn't awakward or anything...especially not when his friend had his whole head spun around staring at me as they drove away

Ya That Happened

PS He still hasn't texted me about when we are going on our date...It's been 2 months
All I can do is laugh at this whole situation!

Please spread the word about this amazing person saving so many dogs lives!
All these videos with touch and break your heart
I think I have finally found an Angel
You know the new 'Forever Alone' trend going round? When mostly girls say they're forever alone because they're forever single, Ya I'm one of those girls that fits into the F.A trend, but I never really felt it as being forever alone, forever is a long time, I always thought of the trend to be very over dramatic but  tonight I'm starting to believe in forever. It may be the sappy love movie I just watched or listening to Ed Sheeran's Kiss Me on repeat but I'm almost in tears with the realization that I'll never know the feeling he sings about, I'll never know the feeling between the two lead characters, I...will I don't want some show stopping Hollywood love story, I know that doesn't exist, let's not get carried away. I just want to feel wanted, I want to know what it's like to be kissed by someone who claims to love you even if they're wrong and not really in love at all, atleast  they felt so strongly for you they thought it was love, even just for a second. 

"This feels like falling in love..." - Ed Sheeran
I'll never undersand that feeling, tha kills me. I just want to know, for one night, one hour how it feels. How sad would it be if I died tomorrow *knocks on wood* and have lived for 2 months shy of being 19 and never felt the most imporant, complex emotion known to man. The one emotion that makes your life worth every living moment. It's fine though I'll live my love life through the sounds of music, through the deep soulful sounds of Ed Sheeran, the light, fun, teeny bopper love sounds of One Direcion and the sounds of the hopeless romantic Taylor Swift...

And I will fall for you
If I fall for you
Would you fall too?



Is anyone else in love with Blake Jenner from the Glee Project?
I know I sure as hell am!