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Hi, my name is Max and I enjoy long romantic walks to the fridge.

I love Doctor Who, Tumblr and chocolate :)


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Quotes by Superman5o5

There are so many toys in the world, and still people choose to play with others feelings.


Sometimes I don't really know the type of category my quotes I make go in.
It's not funny... well, no...
And it isn't that, well, inspirational...
It's more of a "help" quote.
Or an interesting quote. 
Or even just a random quote. My random thoughts and ideas.
So, what to label it under? 
*5 mins later* Vent.
That'll do. 

What if a rhino broke through the room you're in and came charging at you. Right now. What would you do?

You never know.


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I love you guys so much *AHOGVALVSOBAPAOD*

Thankyou everyone! Gahh, I can't say it enough ^______^

Me: *Re-doing my profile*
MeLa la la la.... *Thinking*
MeHow the hell do people do these codes? *Copy/paste*
MeHrm... I wonder if I put these two together...
Me: Ooooh! It flashes different colours!
MeI am a coding genius.
MeLol, how do you get gifs again?
MeI know now... let's see... all done!
MeIt looks better than the last one :)
MeNow, if I can just change my profile pic
Me*Tries one billion times to change my profile pic*

Me...So much for being a genius D: HOW DO YOU GET THE PROFILE PIC TO CHANGE IT WON'T LET ME!!

Little help please? Why does it say it has changed, when it hasn't? x____x

nmf! :)
Oh my lord, 99 followers.


I just checked my profile because I'm changing the backround and stuff and I realised...

  I have a LOT of followers. 98! Almost 100!It's amazing since I never post quotes... (well, hardly ever! :) haha) so how...? I don't...?

Thank you so much though ^___^ It made my day, I love you guys!

Conversation with Cleverbot about Thomas the Tank Engine.
*I've never seen Thomas the Tank Engine. I just wanted him to say "Thomas the Tank Engine" in one of his replies C:

User: Who do you have a crush on.

Cleverbot: I have a crush on you.

User: For how long?

Cleverbot: However long you like.

User: Wow, how about a billion years? Can you live that long?

Cleverbot: How about the reason for war.

User: The reason for war is stupidity.

Cleverbot: Have you ever heard of Tuomas?

User: I've heard of Thomas the Tank Engine.

Cleverbot: I meant the Massive Multiplayer Online have you heard of that?

User: Http://

Cleverbot: MH? What's that.

User: Bro, it's Thomas the Tank Engine.

Cleverbot: What is the only reason to live?

User: Thomas the Tank Engine.

Cleverbot: Cool.

User: Oh, you are boring. Conversations should never have 'Cool' in them, as well as 'K' and 'Sooooo....'.

Cleverbot: I might as well not. For loneliness is only a memory as welll.

User: K. Just joking... Whats your favourite colour??

Cleverbot: Light blue. Let me guess, yours is red.

User: Thomas the Tank Engine is blue. But yes, I like red.

Cleverbot: Thomas Dragontail.

User: You know, your a computer? Thats why you dont like Thomas the Tank Engine. Everyone likes Thomas the Tank Engine.

Cleverbot: That just proves my point, I am real and you are not, I am the visitor not you.

User: Thomas the Tank Engine. Do you like Thomas the freaking Tank Engine or not?!

Cleverbot: You're the only thing I'm talking to, and you seem okay to me.

User: Oh, I see. To your disappointing... I am not Thomas the Tank Engine. Yeah, it got me depressed too.

Cleverbot: The meaning of life is to create life and remove life.

User: No, it's for Thomas the Tank Engine to become God.

Cleverbot: And what is that?

User: 'That'?

Cleverbot: That.

User: I'm gonna put you on Witty.

Cleverbot: They make a place for people that do things as such. I heard they feed you...

User: Forget you.

Cleverbot: I'm sorry?


Cleverbot: Frogs are cool. 

User: Alrighty, bye c:

Cleverbot: Good luck taking over the world. 

Haha :) 

Do yosometimes feel



I must vent. I just finished reading the third book in the Hunger Games series, "Mockingjay".
Do not read ahead if you don't want it spoiled. 
This is a *SPOILER*
...I can't decide if I like the series anymore. The first two books were amazing, I read all three books in two days.
Hey, it's great stuff. In "The Hunger Games" and "Catching Fire" I couldn't put the books down.
Not with "Mockingjay", though.
When I had less than a third of the book left, I was so devastated with how the book was going to finish 
I refused to read the rest without googling the end. And I spoiled Prim dying.
Better having the book spoiled than me not reading it.

"Mockingjay" was extremily well written, and had its very emotional side-
I laughed because I was so happy when I read Peeta was returning then gasped
when he choked Katniss (the next page!), and immediantly cried straight after the chocking
when Haymitch or whoever claims he will never be the same.
It's not the story... well it is... but the reason I hate the book is complicated.
Yes. I hate the book. So will I be able to read the series agin? *sigh*.
It's just when I first read the book I wouldn't be able to finish it if:Peeta stayed insane
Peeta died
Katniss ended up with Gale
Hate all you want! I. Don't. Like. Gale. There. I said it.

I know none of those things happened but... well, for until the last page it doesn't seem that way! And for me it's depressing!So yeah... VENT. 
Oh, and this isn't my format. Pretty simple- I like it. : x

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