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Hey, my names Sam. I turned 16 in April. I love watching t.v. esp. Supernatural. It's the best t.v. show out there. If you don't love it then you're a loser. I am absolutely obsessed with it!!! It is my reason for living!! I love listening to music, too. I love rock, metal, alternative music, and a little bit of pop. I play tennis and love it.  That's basically it! Talk to me sometime. :D
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Girls want a lot of things from one guy.
Conversely, guys want one thing from a lot of girls. 

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ccredit to whoever 

I throw my skittles in the air sometimes, saying AYYYOOO,

taste the rainbow! 

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Dont worry there are plenty of other fish in the sea
That's great but i'm human

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And the worst part is...  
going from talking all the time to not at all
all mine. venting.

If two people are happy together  
     ♦ then leave them alone ♦
                      and let them be happy.


        You're like a drug that I can't stop taking,
        I want more and I can't stop craving.

----> Bullet For My Valentine
>>>>If I tear you open wide, take a look inside, are you pretty?>>>>
<<<<Can I get inside your mind, see what I can find? Are you pretty?>>>> 
>>>>So just take off that disguise, everyone knows that you're only...<<<<
           Pretty on the outside

-------> Bullet For My Valentine <3
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