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Edit ya'll, but i don't care about witty anymore. This site is very dead and people on here are very rude also. Instagram is better. So i won't be posting quotes or responding to people anymore. you can do whatever you want. Bye!
the more famous you are,
the more haters you have.

Everything you do
comes back to you

???: Luke is hot
Me: Brooks or hemmings

???: The one with the lip ring
Me: They both have lip rings

???: The australian one
Me: is this a f/cking joke

          >>>You call me up again just to  
       break me like a promise.




Depressed people are like ice

When you treat them too hard and hot

They die and melt.


It's 2014 and people still think taylor swift is a sl*t and harry is a manwhore

Everyday's a holiday
Because everyday is someone's birthday :)


Don't you just hate it when directioners hate on taylor swift just because she dated harry?