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 Sugar Sugar Honney Honney you are my candy girl.

I love my aunty so flippin much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I met this kid named Willam and hes so hot. I miss him :( He was so nice and funny
My aunty said she loves me more
I say no i love u infinity to beyond and she allows ends up winnig
lol me and my aunty have a good realtionship. We both love each other so much.

When you want that one guy to ask u out so you can make out with him. Then they ask your friend instead. and your really mad. but along they love u
When u think ur life sucks it really dont, but when ur mom gets all mad and  tells u ur a curse then yeah u worry, Life is not perfect and no one will ever be.

Summer is here cant believe it. Going to be awesome <3

Life isnt all that great now but when u grow up it doenst get better. Along you is you its all good