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 Hello there :D
My name is Sweet Poision Cupcake and if you don't feel like typing  that much just call me Lolita :D
Mmmk now a bit about me.....uaoouahfosjf weelllllllllI
I'm 13
Animal lover
I have my own beliefs
"punk"? idek
Comedy movie lover
Single as a pringle
annnnndd i live in Hyrule.

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Guess what! Another game over,
I got burned, but your the real loser
I don't know why I wasted my time with you
You're bad news! A history repeater!
You can't trust a serial cheater!
Your good at hooking up, but you suck at love!


You make me want to shut it all down, Throw it all away, cause I'm nothing if I don't have you,

What's the point of being on top, all the money in the world,
if I can't blow it all on you?

So send the cars back, put the house on the market, and my big dreams to, because its all so clear that without you here,

I'm the loser of the year



 I'm sorta sad.
I saw a top quote that was my quote that someone else used.
Mine only got about 5 favs and 1 comment.
Theirs got 320 favs and about 50 comments. 
But why?
Its the exact same quote but the format was prettier...
I guess that got it more attention.
I'm starting to think some people are right and Witty is just like high school.
Only the pretty ones get attention


 A butterfly
cannot see the inside of its wings.
It goes its whole like looking at the other butterflies wings and comparing them to what it can see its wings as.
Little doe the butterfly know what its true beauty is. The butterfly has beautiful wings to but it will never know it.
The butterfly only sees the brown side of its wings.
The butterfly thinks that the underside is all its wings have to offer.
All of the humans, insects, and other animals see how beautiful the butterfly is.
Other butterflies who make fun of our butterfly have no right to flutter because they only see the brown of their wings to.
They can see the true beauty the butterfly has to offer,
but the butterfly can't

Sound familiar?

Is Witty beeping?!
Or is it just me?

The Boy from Above
Chapter 5

It was already the next morning after the "date" TJ and I had.
It was truley amazing.
I woke up and frowned.
No noise from TJ today?
I just cracked my back and made myself breakfast.
My phone started vibrating and I looked at the person who texted me.
TJ? The text said: Don't come upstairs 
What was he hiding? More importantly why did I care?
I yawned and texted back: Ok
He was acting odd. Oh well. None of my buisness. "WHO IS SHE?!" screeched a high pitched voice from upstairs. "Who are you referring to babe?" asked TJ. "THIS GIRL WHO TEXTED YOU! Ev? Ev....Evang elitine!" "Its Evangeline. And she's just a friend." Just a friend? 
I felt hurt but the argument was still going on. 
"Don't EVER talk to me again. We're through."
I heard their door slam and then I heard some sighing. 
I took my broom and banged on the cieling. "Just a friend?" I shouted.
I was also silent.
He had a girlfriend and he still went out with me.
I don't think I could trust him anymore. Whatever. I grabbed my headphones and drowned my sorrows in the sweet noise of music and flopped on my couch. 
There was nothing I could do. I was "just a friend" and thats all I ever will be.
I started to slowly fall asleep and eventually did.

TJ's point of view:
I woke up from a long night. What happened?
I remember going out with Evangeline and then when I got home we had alchohol.
Ohyea and Eric had hookers....or wait....was my hooker an ex-girlfriend?
I dunno but I had a heck of a hangover. 
I was missing my shirt but I still had on some basketball shorts....these weren't even mine?!
Ugh I needed more sleep. "Good morning babe." said a girl who popped out from under the sheets.
"Um hi?" I replied back not even paying attention.
"You were AMAZING last night." she complimented.
"K." I said while I was texting Evangeline.
"You should go." I told the girl. 
"Oh yea? I should go-" she was interrupted by my phone vibrating.
She snatched it before I could and started screaming at me. 
I rolled my eyes and then I rememeber her slapping at me.
I should probably go make sure Evangeline got home safely.
The girl I didn't even know left and I walked downstairs to her apartment. 
It seemed to be unlocked.
I  slowly opened the door and heard light snoring from the couch.
I looked over and saw Evangeline looking as beautiful as ever.
She looked cold.
I laid down with her and pulled the blankets over us and I held her.
She was beautiful.
I started drifting off and eventually fell asleep with Evangeline still in my arms.

The Boy from Above
Chapter 4

It was already nighttime by the time I heard from TJ again. 
I litterally heard him because he started playing guitar.
Something was different with his playing. 
He was playing a softer guitar...acoustic?
And he was singing the sweetest song I'v ever heard.

Even if it rains and the sun won't shine, sun won't shine
Whatever the weather she'll be mine. 
Through the worst weather I'll make sure were together
When the sky begins to hail we will prevail

I smiled as I put on my bikini and a polkadot sundress overtop.
I grabbed my pikachu backpack and walked to the beach barefoot and waited for TJ.
It seemed like forever but finally I saw the familiar skinny jeans and tank top.
He had his guitar to.
I smiled and waved to him.
"Hi TJ" I said when he finally walked up to me. 
"Hey Evan. So hey. Where are your shoes?"
I shrugged. "Didn't bring em. I like to enjoy nature than destory it with shoes."
He smiled and grabbed my hand. "Come on. Lets go swimming."
He brought me to some rocks and then he looked at my bare feet and back at the rocks. 
"Hmm. Come here." he told me.
I walked over to him and he picked me up and carried me over the rocks.
I wrapped my arms around his neck and enjoyed the moment.
"You don't have to do this." I reminded him. 
He just smiled and nodded. "I know."
I giggled and laid my head on his shoulder.
He finally set me down when we were at the mouth of a small cave.
"Come on." he said grabbing my hand and leading me further into the dark cave.
I finally saw a light at the end and we were heading towards it.
We finally got towards the light and it was a small beach completely secluded from the rest of the beach. It had rocks surrounding it that looked to dangerous for someone to climb over and it was at the base of a cliff. 
It was perfect. 
"Go on. Take off your big shirt. Its okay I won't look if you don't want me to." he chuckled.
I finally took off my shirt and I saw his eyes widen. 
"Good god your in shape."
I wanted to push him in the water but I just had to wait for it.
Wait for it. 
Wait for it. 
okay NOW! I giggled and pushed him in the water. 
He poked his head up and smiled and pulled me in with him.
We played in the water for hours but I was starting to get cold and tired.
He noticed this and smiled. "Lets go start that fire and I brought food. I remember you told me you were a vegitarian so I brought vegitables and dressing for vegi kabobs."
I smiled and shivered. "T-That s-s-sounds n-nice." I stuttered out.
He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me and gave me his hoodie.
"There you are Miss Icecube."
I smiled as he started the fire and he sat with me.
He took out his guitar and started tuning it.
"So I wanted to play you this song. If you don't mind."
I nodded and watched him start playing.
It sounded like the song he was singing earlier 

Even if it rains and the sun won't shine, sun won't shine
Whatever the weather she'll be mine 
Through the worst weather I'll make sure we're together
When the sky begins to hail we will prevail


The Boy from Above
Chapter 3
I woke up the next morning and sighed.
I had a week before classes started. I rolled over and just laid in bed.
The sun shown through the window and I smiled at the beautiful day.
I saw my phone on the night stand ha
d a green light flashing which meant I had a text. 
I looked at the number and it was a number I didn't notice.

Hey :) I was wondering if you wanted to have coffee
Me: Who is this?
Me: Oh..then okay :)

Tj wanted to have coffee? With a girl he just met yesterday?

Hmm. I slipped on a bra and a tee shirt along with skinny jeans and my vans.< I walked up stairs and knocked on the door.  He answered the door shirtless revealing his many tattoos. "Oh hey. You kinda caught me in the middle of changing." I just smiled as he put on his shirt. "Ready to go?"
"Mhm" I nodded. 
We started making our way to the coffee shop. "So you got a girlfriend?" I asked finally.
"Haha nah. I was suppose to get married once but she sorta cheated on me with a dude in a moose costume. She thought I was cheating on her with something ridiculous to."
I busted out laughing. "Moose costume?" 
He just chuckled and nodded. 
"So whats your story? Don't you have a boyfriend?"
"Me? Uh no. Haha alot of boys think I'm weird."
"Really? I think your pretty cool." I just sorta blushed.
We got our coffee and talked for what seemed like hours. 
"Want to go to the beach sometime tonight? I know the perfect place for swimming."
"Swimming at night? Sharks come out at night."
He just shook his head. "Don't worry. I'll punch jaws if he tries to eat you."
I smiled and swirled my straw in my carmel frappe. 
We talked about alot of things like our favorite activities, sports, classes, why we went to college, our fears, our likes, and our dislikes. 
We just talked, and I loved it. 
I could tell this would be a very good friendship.
"So I noticed you had some tattoos." I said pointing to his arm.
He rolled up his sleeve and showed me his sleeve of tattoos.
"And I have one on my chest. You got any?"
I nodded and slightly pulled my pants down and showed him my hip tattoo. 
"Thats it haha." 
He smiled and scrunched his nose like a bunny.
"Oh my goodness your a bunny! hehe"
He just chuckled at me.
"Oh please I'm a ninja squirrel. Totally a ninja squirrel." he said laughing.
He was so funny and amazing.
We were having so much fun until his cell phone rang. "Hello?....yea Eric....okay....Eric I'm with a girl....you dork." and he hung up.
"Problem?" I asked curious.
He just shook his head and smiled. "Nah just Eric wondering if he could use my guitar."
He bit his lip and his eyes begged me to believe him. He was lying. 
"Oh okay." I said fake believing. 
"So hey. Its getting late. I should get going. Cya Evan."
I just waved and smiling pretending to not know anything but I knew something was up.


 The boy from above