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Quotes by SweetSugaredLemons

Something I wrote to a teacher who was moving:

Dear ***,

I ask myself everyday why you have to go. You put a smile on my face everyday. You werenít just my favorite teacher, but a friend. I loved to sing with you, and I am going to miss hearing your voice. I hope you always remember me, and my class. We will never forget you, thatís impossible. Youíve taught me well. Youíve taught me many lessons in my lifetime. No one can ever replace you, but we can always try to make room for somone else. You are an unforgettable person, Mrs. Little, and thatís why itís hard to say good-bye.
Why... why you look so sad? Tears are in your eyes... come and talk to me now. Don't be ashamed to cry, let me see you through
Cause I've seen the dark side too.
When the night falls on you, you don't know what to do,
Nothing you confess could make me love you less
I'll stand by you, I'll stand by you, won't let nobody hurt you,
*I'll stand by you.*

Carrie Underwood
Oh, thinking about all our younger years,
There was only you and me,
We were young and wild and free.
Now nothing can take you away from me.
Weíve been down that road before,
But that's over now.
You keep me coming back for more.

Baby you're all that I want.
When you're lying here in my arms
I'm finding it hard to believe
We're in heaven.


* * *DJ Sammy* * *
Only one thing left to say about school..........
....................................................................................................SCHOOL'S OWTTT!!!! =-]

oo o00o
('') o('')o
' x í 'x '
/\ /\
Now what? We're through. Im done, with you.
You ripped my heart, and tore it in two. I'm so dam*n happy you're not coming back. So get your clothes, get ready to pack. I never want to see you again, I guess you can say that this is the end.
Hate them boyz.
What Women Want in a Man, Revised List (age 72)
1. Breathing
2. Doesn't miss the toilet.
What Women want in a Man, Revised List (age 62)
1. Doesn't scare small children
2. Remembers where bathroom is
3. Doesn't require much money for upkeep
4. Only snores lightly when asleep
5. Remembers why he's laughing
6. Is in good enough shape to stand up by himself
7. Usually wears some clothes
8. Likes soft foods
9. Remembers where he left his teeth
10. Remembers that it's the weekend
I took an IQ test and the results were negative.
A man left the snow-filled streets of Chicago for a vacation in Florida. His wife was on a business trip and was planning to meet him there the next day. When he reached his hotel, he decided to send his wife a quick e-mail.

Unable to find the scrap of paper on which he had written her e-mail address, he did his best to type it in from memory. Unfortunately, he missed one letter and his note was directed instead to an elderly preacher's wife, whose husband had passed away only the day before. When the grieving widow checked her e-mail, she took one look at the monitor, let out a piercing scream, and fell to the floor in a dead faint. Hearing the scream, her family rushed into the room and saw this note on the screen:

"Dearest Wife,

Just got checked in. Everything prepared for your arrival tomorrow.