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Quotes by Sweetx3Sarrow

i cant eat i cant sleep i cant stop thiking bout you why we ended this all who knows nights go by but nothing ever stops the pain drowning in my sorrow dont understand i cant think for i am dying inside.
People say youíre the troubled one
You donít know who you are.
They canít see your scars carved into your bones.
They donít know your past.
They canít see the tears behind that smile of yours,
The way that I can.
You want to ease the pain, just a little bit
Just for one second, forget it all.
I understand, I truly do.
Maybe youíre slowly falling apart, I donít know.
I want to be here to catch you
Help you up when you need it.
When everyone is saying they donít want you around
Iíll be the one saying everythingís okay.
I hate to see you hurt yourself.
The marks on your wrist, the hurt in your heart,
I want to be here for you.
The way you are when I need it.
Stop kidding hun, i no ur not ok and i want to be here for you.
Im not broken so dont try to fix me
I only have a part missing, and u wont find it.
If they wanna talk
G I V E them something to
Talk about then
Sometimes the Nevers and Maybes are the ones that leave the deepest scars.
Walking through fire without a burn on me
The oppisite of war isnt peace its [[CrEaTiOn]]
How do you leave the past behing when it keeps finding ways to get to your heart?
The heart may freeze or it may burn