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It�s Tina :) Throw a cake in my face June 21st. Sweet and Shy. Intellectual .Secret Identity: Vampire. (I'm up all night) Sweet and Shy. Acting is a passion. I love to read and write. Nerdy? Pretty much. My favorite color is pink. I love french fries. My favorite shows are Charmed and How I Met Your Mother. My favorite movie of all time is Scream. I speak Spanish and French. & I love making new friends.
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Quotes by Sweetxbabe3

                                                  *On the train*
           Man: Can I get your attention everyone please?
                  (Literally the quietest I've ever heard)
                       Man: *Gets off the next stop*


Omg there are notifications on witty! :)
16th birthday        today :)

16 favs?

Please read <3

My friend on witty has always talked about suicide and no matter what I would
say it would never change what he thought. He hated his life and thought I was
the only one who cared. I tried to convince him that his friends and family would miss him including his witty friends. Yesterday I hit him up but he was busy so I hit him up again later. To my surprise it wasn't him. Someone said "Blake is Dead. I'm sorry" I went to his page and read "R.I.P Blake" You can't imagine my surprise. It made me remember our conversation Wednesday. He told me that if I made a quote about him no one would know who I'm talking about nor care. I never wanted to say too much about his situation and whenever I asked him he either didn't reply or wasn't on so I never was able to make it. After reading that he’s dead I just needed to make this. This isn't for favorites. All I want is a comment saying you care or that you'll keep him in your prayers.

Help prove him wrong

My last words to him: "I love you"
I miss you with all my heart Blake. I wish you were still here.

R.I.P February 11, 2011
There's this guy I like and he likes me but there's one problem...
I'll explain the problem with more details if you want to help. If you do then just comment this quote or my page :)

Thanks a million to anyone who tries to help   < 3
Cause I fall down
And you fall out of love with me...
And everything we use to be
And I can't say that I'm okay
When my heart breaks, in two, for you
Cause 1, 2, 3 and it's over


a girl was beat by her father.  if you dont repost she will show up at your bed at 2:12
  Accidentally on Purpose <3