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 heyy witty gals it's sydd. i'm just your average seventh grade girl.
i got some pretty crazyfriends..{{{  }}}
i love to laugh, and just be happy.
im a total kid at heart... 
  The best moments in my life are// [carefree]
i wanna be remembered as the girl that can make anyone smile:]
[yeahh, i'm the kinda girl that walks into walls & trips over herself]
im the oppositeof shyy.
[live your life to the fullest]
{dare to dream} 
follow me; it would make my dayy:]

Quotes by Sydcandy22

"ughh i hate this show! where's the remote?"
"all the way over there."
"ok i'll just watch this."

The weird times when your "best friends" with someone for two days and then you never talk to them again. 
We usually get really upset over small things. But we shouldn't, because to someone less fortunate, it could seriously be the the end of the world. We need to think more about what we have and less about our problems. Because it's just not worth all the stress to get upset over something small.
And  Honestly
 I want for Christmas is you. 


&I just hope that special day will come, when he asks those special words;
because every time I think about that night, my heart breaks a little more...♥

&she cried herself to sleep every night..
because she knew she would never be good enough; &and she just felt she couldn't go on. 

&That moment when you feel like things are finally starting to fall into place. 

I love how on Hannah Montana, Robby Ray will hardly let Miley kiss anyone, yet in real life, Billy Ray approves of Miley pole dancing on live T.V.
&am i the only one who loves pulling apart
split ends?? 
Those times when you take a picture and get random person looking extremely odd in the back round...♥