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I trust noo one.
I love the sound of ukes and airhockey.
My dog is my life.
Nevershoutnever is the friken bomb.
ChristoferDrew Is Hawt.
Im a different person everyday
Im 13 years young ;*
Locatedd in a small town i wish i could runfrom.
I dream of doing bigger things then i am currently doing.
TV ads make me mad.
Sometimess the happiest girl has the fakest smilee.

Yuh know the feeling when you want to wear zebra striped skinny jeans and such?
I have that feeling 24/7
'Cept i cant wear 'em.
StupidMommeh. (Jaykay luff herr<3)

I havee a boyfraand.

Im an actress.
Seems like im loosing friends faster then balloons.
But im gaining friends faster then a celeb.

I hate Jockerrs. Go Jock Somewheree else.
Therees alot of things i wish i could be..
but i cant bee.</3

Animals RightsBetches.


Whut I loovee. 
music;makeup;eyes;walking;long necklaces;converse;funny jokes;people;animals;skinnyjeans;rainbows;hugs;black&white films;text messages;clothes;soccer;feelings;hugs;fishy faces;sharpies;dreams;photobooths;polaroids;laughing;sleeping;
talking;rain;secrets;books;movies;quiet nights;loud days;obnoxious parents;warm blankets;dunkin donuts;timhortons;ipods;thinking;openingtennisballs-opening sodacans;thinking;actingi;theatre;goofing off;acting nerdy;makingquotes;wierdvoices;Glee;Broadway;facebook;
nevershoutnever, stars;being myself; airhockey<3


SidneyyCrosbyy. Sexxy.

Sydney MacKillop
Me&Staceey. :/





Quotes by SydneeySmilesx3

All The Top Quotes:
1) Is it just me? {♥} (Yah it is...)
2) The awkward moment when... (Its not awkward hunny...)
3) OH HELL NO, HOLD MY.... (no thanks...)
4) My problems... (You should contact an adult, or a therapist...)
5) Isn't he perfect? (Please stop bragging...) 

6) This quote isn't pretty so you guys won't fave it... (Your right, we wont)
Lets get some diversity


Fashion through school 
1-4: Really have no trouble with life and not big problems.

K-2: Crave being cool and girly.

3rd: Get a bit out of the girly stand.

4th: Tomboy

5th: Start to find your real identity

6th: Want to get your identity straight

7th: Become more mature

8th: Get into bigger life and bigger things you have to deal with.


Head phones in earss;
Dazed looked in her eyes
She forgets the worldd...
All the clothes-All the guys

Ignores the questions
ignores the friends
She wont talk to anyone-
til' this playlist ends

A whole nother world,
Eminem and Jay Z
Shuts the world out
Until its only she.