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I ♥ him.
Sydney|8th grade|14|2-25-98|homeschooled|drakeaholic|taken♥1-29-12|Jesus Follower|Hit me up.

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come morning light, you and i'll be safe and sound.
Safe&Sound - Taylor Swift

My only wish is i die real, cause that truth hurts and those lies heal.
Drake - Take Care

Okay look i'm honest girl i can't lie i miss you, you and the music were the only things that i commit too. i never cheated for the record back when i was with you. But you believe in everything but me girl i don't get you.
Drake - Shot For Me

Well now that you know these things about me, i guess i'll go. follow i follow back.
If you actually read all this please comment "spongebob is my sexy boyfriend and i'm having an afair with squidward."
Btw i stole that^ Idea from brazilliansoccerbabe11 ♥

Okay, well for now i'm kinda leaving witty. ♥ it's kinda dead. i never get on anymore. my life is changing. i've lost some friends. and i just need to focus on me. you can email me I'll never forgot all of ya'll on witty who were there for me. loveforeverandalways, sydney
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Quotes by SydneyIsTheName

is dead.
love, sydney.



the award for worst girlfriend goes to


f o r m a t b y j i m m y 3 6 5

All i wanted to do was have a perfect birthday, guess that's not possible.

it's my birffffday. <3


adorable tumblr couples
make my relationship seem like the most boring thing ever


but you went away

how dare you, i miss you.


Format by Sandrasaurus

All i wanted
was to go see drake. didn't get to go. lil wayne was there. i am going to go die now.


When my hair looks good;
3% - at home

7% - when i'm out

90% - at night, right after i shower.


A tornado flew around my room before you came,
Excuse the mess it made, it usually doesn't rain in southern california much like arizona


Let it rain
let is pour
he don't love me anymore let it come down on me, let it come down on me.