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Hi there! My name's Grace and this account  is to make quotes from TV and movies, such as Drake and Josh, Spongebob, Mean Girls, The Hunger Games, and so on(: Pretty much whatever I feel like!

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Quotes by TVQuotes

"Never say goodbye
because saying goodbye
means going away.
And going away means forgetting..
- Peter Pan

Drake and Josh #12
Animal Control Guy: I've never seen anything this scary, and I fought in Nam!
Drake: Nam?
Animal Control Guy: You know, Vietnam.
Drake: Where's that? New Jersey?
Animal Control Guy: What's wrong with him?
Josh: Yeah we're not sure...


Drake and Josh #11
Drake: Dude, just give up before you embarass yourself!
Josh: OHHH NO! I never give up before I embarass myself!


"If you want, you can leave.
I'll remember you though.
I remember eveyone that leaves.
- Lilo and Stitch

The Notebook #2
Noah: [while hanging from the Ferris Wheel] Will you go out with me?
Allie: What? No.
Noah: No...?
Allie: No.
Noah: Why not?
Allie: I don't know, because I don't want to.
Noah: OK, then you leave me no other choice. [Let's go with one hand]
Allie:  AHHHH!
Noah: I'm gonna ask you one more time, will you or will you not go out with me? I think my hand's slipping.
Allie: OKAY OKAY. Fine I'll go out with you!
Noah: No, don't do me any favors.
Allie: No, no, I want to!
Noah: Say it.
Allie: I wanna go out with you.
Noah: Say it again.
Noah: Alright, alright we'll go out!

The Notebook #1
"So it's not gonna be easy.
It's gonna be really hard.
We're gonna have to work at this everyday,
but I want to do that because I want you.
I want all of you, forever, you and me, everyday."

Drake and Josh #10
Drake: Which locker do you think is Meghan's?
Josh: Gee, I don't know. Maybe it's the one she's standing in front of and putting books into.
Drake: You know, sometimes your sarcasm hurts!

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Pretty Little Liars #4
Guys have a fight, throw a punch, and it's over.
Girls don't fight fair. They gang up, they keep secrets, they plot.
They can cut you down with a look
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Drake and Josh #9
"Please excuse Drake from doing his homework. He twisted his liver and is unable to read, write, or bathe.
Yours Truly, The Doctor.
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Drake and Josh #8
Josh: Uh oh. I just had a bad thought.
Megan: What? You might grow old, never get married, and die alone?
Josh: No... But thank you for pointing out that possibility.
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