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Quotes by T_McDizzle_14

You Were My First Love;
And Trust Me That Is
The Only Reason Your
Ever On My Mind.

Just addded new group on facebook,
Join! :)
(Why to boys think they can walk in and out of our lives.)

-Why do guys walk in and out of our lives?

Why do girls let them?

Pleasee telll meee.
&& Joinnnn.


is it wrong that;;
im the girl
 he loves and kisses
but shes the one
he dates and misses.
I still see our future,
&+ i dont think it
plans on going away
anytime soon
Lets just make it happy.
And make it come
true. Baby i need you.
For over 15 years I've built my life more than once, twice
and now I have to do it once more because because a
stupid guy screwed me over and I lost the
real guy that I loved. But since I did get through it once
and twice before I know I can do it atleast one more time.
This time I'll be smarter after I'm done.
I finally relize how
someone can wake up
and love someone
less than yesterday.
I love when I read things that I wrote or said;
And I don't even think i could come up with it;
Like ever, Really it makes me think,
How well do I really know myself?
I did not fall for you when you said hello,
I fell for you when you looked my way.
Your like a scar
   that never goes away,
&just like a scar
    I remember how stupid 
   I was then,