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zOMG; hi!
So, I've been away from witty for around 4 months, but I'm back. (L)

Kelsey. Fifteen. Bisexual. England.  ♥
I smoke; drink & get into trouble. (:
So, comment me. I don't bite, much.


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Steve 5 years ago
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Welcome! Let me know if you need help. I made this site.
hexachoo 1 decade ago
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oii! oii im back :p thats if u even remember me :(
ThEaWsOmE 1 decade ago
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lol im not bi... thad be cool tho lol is it hard to be that way??
dreamerchick7 1 decade ago
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oh... well i'm sorry to hear that /: do you have any siblings or anything?
NicoleJanine_ 1 decade ago
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haha. i'm sort of fascinated with people of other sexualities (i'm straight). but seriously, it's great that you're proud. i hope you're well-received by everyone. because people who are homophobic or whatever seriously bother me. D:
hexachoo 1 decade ago
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kelsey, my baby girl! Sup, Sup love? Ya, im kewl and stuff and like veggin as i write this. Hbu? Ya, ive miss our chats even though its like short and . pffft So, tell me hows lifee?
Sarah_xo 1 decade ago
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not a lot :P
whudda bout you?
ryxry 1 decade ago
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I have no courage to say
What i did in my driving day
No happiness in this story
Just Guilt, Pain, Sorrow, and Worry
It was as beautiful as today
But such a sad day
Driving my new car
To my house which is miles afar
And gazing at the blue sky
And just for a moment closed my eye
With the help of my stupidity
And lifes cruelty
I'd hit a woman and her little boy
Through the shattered window there was a toy
Bouncing off the blacktop
And just before it could stop
I see the mother blood gaped eyes
And heard the crowds tearful crys
Blood drooling from the holes in my head
I looked in distraught as the boy wasn't dead
Crying Momma as he looked at me
And asked if alive she could be
But all i heard after that was the words guilty
And the muttering of words that were so filthy
EmiilyLoveex420 1 decade ago
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heey , (:
TaintedHeart 1 decade ago
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Read, reply & delete. (: