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Boy, can you jerk?

You're an expert in acting like one.
-TamerIsLamex3 quote; I think :3

&+  the s p a c e s between my f i n g e r s
*______ are right where ______*
yours' fit perfectly  <3

Take my hand
and don't
let go  ♥


That moment when you preview your quote

& it says 42834728972 faves and 42947947396520974 comments;

and your like,  i wish   <3


I don't want nobody else
I don't need somebody else to tell me about love
I am strong on my own
But if you think you can tell me
Why the things I'm doing is going wrong
It's just me getting stronger

  If a girl gets pushed into a guy;

she lkes him ♥


If a guy gets pushed into a girl;

 his mates are being eggs   -.-

she's just crazy
about th
at boy.
nmq / nmf credit to whoever[:
^ highlight

~Witty Girls&Guys ________

  My bestie Jasmine and I are having a debate. Who's better?  Tom Felton or James Maslow? Fave for Tom, Comment for James.


She  went from being "single" to being "in love"
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Hey there stranger (:



I'm not allowed to talk to strangers.


How do you make friends, then? (:



I don't. I'm a loner.