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Hello,I'm 18 years old♥ I'm a writer,an artist, and an obsessed reader.
Imagination is the only weapon in the war against Reality.
I repost quotes that I see and love <3 Credit in Comments 

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Quotes by TaniaRoseOlmos

The moon is like hope.
Even in a time of darkness its always there to shed some light


Sunday Morning
                                                                              Rain is Falling <3

Failing is the first step to success.
                                               Crying is the first step to happiness.               And heartbreak is the first step to true love


                         I'm moving on to something


no more trying to make it work.


is a small miracle where God chose to remain anonymous.                         ♥


This one's for the girls
                                      who thought 'maybe this one could be the one'.

 Every girl has one boy
 that doesn’t                      know what he means to her.  ♥

everyday, i fight back the urge
   to text you       or call            you,          telling myself that if you wanted to          talk to me, you would.
wishing on these strs
                    FOR YOUR HEART.

I'm kinda cute
 If you look at me with your eyes closed.