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Quotes by TaraWuzAlwaysHere

I never understood how boys take shirtless pictures together.
Like, do they just go,"Hey dude, we should totally get shirtless and take
pictures of our half naked bodies...no ho mo though."


If you're ever feeling dumb,
just remember my mom once thought I had a boyfriend.


Teacher: And why would you want a lot of room in your car?
Me: So I have a place to put all the dead bodies of my unfollowers.


I've always wondered how boys pick out clothes.

Are they like;

'Oh that's cute.' or 'These jeans make the D look good.'


Friend: *discussing how Channing Tatum is hot*
Me:I don't find Channing Tatum attractive.
Friend: Oh that's right, you only think Justin Bieber and *crush's name* are sexy.
Crush: *quietly stares at me in shock*


Teacher: You could've done your test at seven this morning.
Me: Yeah, and I also could've murdered my family but...


--"Say it and I'm yours."
--"I've got all seasons of Supernatural and some pizza."


Do you ever just stare at someone and think, "Wow. I really love them."

Dad: Justin Bieber is gay.
Me: You watch grown men in tights tackle each other. Explain that.


And I know I've said this all before, but opposites attract.
We try and run away, but end up running back.