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Hey Fellow Wittians.
My names Tara, I Love Twilight and The Hunger games.. But I prefer My Family,Friends,Music,Reading,MyPets.. etc.
I Hope you enjoy all my quotes!
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Quotes by TaraahMellark

Im doing a Story
it'll be the next thing I post after this...

<3When we were small..
we all foolishly ate something weird///
for me.. it was..
a dishwasher tablet.

Wellie Throw! <3
~Sports Day 2012


Was The weirdest day ever, My Friend Aoife and I were gone crazy and We made up a secret Club about a cat called Naughty boy O_o and Gave ourselfts Pen Tattoos and Well we Found Old Tickets and Started Trying to get people to Buy Them, We Sold One Ticket and We just started spying on a few nerds(not being offencive) So.. How was your day(;

I like trains... O___O

"Gotta Secret Can you keep it
swear this one you'll save

Better lock it in your pocket .
Taking this one to the grave,
If I show you I'll know you wont tell what I said Cause.."

"Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead"


Ifbreakups neve r existed
the music industry would go bankrupt .

We met in Playschool. We Are best friends.

You came to My House, We watched Tv. You told me
you watched Barney and They made a pillow Castle.
We decided to Make our own Castle.
You picked up the brand new, Cleanly Washed pillow and
"Boom" threw it on the ground.
And Just Like The Bossy 4 Year Old I was (and sort of still am)
I shouted..
"DON'T PUT THE PILLOW ON THE FLOOR, MAMMYS JUST AFTER WASHIN DEM!" And I stared at you like you murdered
somebody. You looked at me so innocently like you didnt do anything.
After that little Incident, We are still best friends.
9 years on Ana, We are still friends.
We share so much..
Our Birthday.
Passion for reading.
Love for Peeta Mellark,
and The Hunger Games.
How much we love to wrestle each other.
and Much Much More,
Ana I hope you join witty to see how much
you mean to me :)
Your Friend

People say Your True friends are the ones you fight with.. I disagree, Your true friends are the ones who Never fight with you and will always get along with you.❤

 dont stand too close to the heater hunn, Plastic melts ♥

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