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Hey Fellow Wittians.
My names Tara, I Love Twilight and The Hunger games.. But I prefer My Family,Friends,Music,Reading,MyPets.. etc.
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Quotes by TaraahMellark


I hope Karma Slaps you in the face before I do.♥

Peeta Mellark Fact 3#
He does not take sugar in his tea.

Peeta Mellark Fact 2#
He likes to sleep with the windows open.

Peeta Mellark Fact 1#
He always double knots his shoe laces.

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One day, life will flash before your eyes. Make sure you make it worth watching.


♫You are a cinema, I could watch you forever.


Action, thriller , I could watch you forever.


You are a cinema, a Hollywood treasure.


Love you just the way you are,


A cinema, a cinema.♫


-Christina Grimme Cover Skirillex♥

Nothing Lasts forever
Forever is a lie
All we have is whats between

[c]taraahmellark 100%

♫♡Pop Pop Pop Muzik♡♫

10 things I hate about everyone.  

1.People who Point at there watch asking for the time!
I Have my watch, where the hell's yours?

2.People who Lose the romote and Are too stupid  to go use the buttons
Your prepared to go looking for a remote when you could just go and press a few small buttons?
3.People who say "You just want to have your cake and eat it dont you?"
Well If you gave me cake obv i will want to eat it?!

4.People who Say
"Its always the last place you look"

Of course it is, why would you keep looking for it if you've already found it?
5.In The cinema when people say "Hey D'ya see that?!"
No I just paid money to come to the cinema and not see the movie?
6.People who say "Hey can I ask you a question?"
didnt gimmie a chance there did ya sunshine?
7.People who call things new and improved
if its new then theres never been anything like it so it cant be improved, if its improved theres already been something like it before so it cannot be new.
8.When people say "Life is short"
No its really not, life is longer than anything anybody does, what can you do thats possibly longer than life?
9.When your at the bus stop and someone asks "Hey has the bus come yet?"
No It has came Im just standing here like an idiot waiting for nothing to come.
10.When people say "Do you have a bathroom?"

 No We just go to the bathroom in the yard
Credit to andrea russett on youtube

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