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sayheyilyx 8 years ago
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Hey there! I was wondering if you'd like to take a look at my new story "The Storm"? Here's chapter one part one: http://www.wittyprofiles.com/q/4623642. If you like it, make sure you fave and comment. Especially if you want to be notified when the next chapter is posted. Whoever comments, I always make sure I notify them of a new chapter. :D Hope you enjoy! & if you do, you should definitely follow me. I always follow back, and if I don't... remind me! c:

P.S. Sorry for spamming. :c

If you're looking to read all that's been posted, here.
Chapter 1 pt. 1: http://www.wittyprofiles.com/q/4623642
Chapter 1 pt. 2: http://www.wittyprofiles.com/q/4624187
Chapter 1 pt. 3: http://www.wittyprofiles.com/q/4624502
Chapter 2 pt. 1: http://www.wittyprofiles.com/q/4631125
Chapter 2 pt. 2: http://www.wittyprofiles.com/q/4631991
Chapter 3 pt. 1: http://www.wittyprofiles.com/q/4659728
Chapter 3 pt. 2: http://www.wittyprofiles.com/q/4671895
Chapter 4 pt. 1: http://www.wittyprofiles.com/q/4677608
Chapter 4 pt. 2: http://www.wittyprofiles.com/q/4683715
Chapter 5 pt. 1: http://www.wittyprofiles.com/q/4688667
Chapter 5 pt. 2: http://www.wittyprofiles.com/q/4689921
Chapter 6 pt. 1: http://www.wittyprofiles.com/q/4693800
Tata8299 8 years ago
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gigirl11 8 years ago
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Tajah-Bear!!!!! :)