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my name's taylor, in case you didn't kow that. let's see, i'm a sophmore. birthday's 11.25. i'm a twin, which isn't as much fun as people would think it is. we fight all the time. so, yeah. my parents are split and that's sometimes hard but i'm over it because my dad now has someone in his life that makes him happy. which makes me happy. 
my cousin is my best friend and nothing will change that. we're inseperable. 
5.20.11. the day of the best thing that's ever happened to me. his name's John.<3
so, i don't know what else to put here.
so, bye.


Quotes by Taylor00Marie

L. I. F. E. G. O. E. S. O. N.

There's this boy you see.

He is my everything.

My other half.

We tell each other everything.

Every stupid little thing.

We talk about our future.

All the time.

We just seem to be perfect for each other.

I truly believe we will be together, forever.

I truly believe, that I'm in love.

And I still get those stupid butterflies.

I'd go back in time and change it,
but I can't

Welcome to the
world where
being yourself isn't
good enough.

Takes a second to say 'Love', 

takes a lifetime to prove it. 

I don't think
some people understand
the effects their words
have on you.

I swear, sometimes
it's like you want
me to hate you.