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my name's taylor, in case you didn't kow that. let's see, i'm a sophmore. birthday's 11.25. i'm a twin, which isn't as much fun as people would think it is. we fight all the time. so, yeah. my parents are split and that's sometimes hard but i'm over it because my dad now has someone in his life that makes him happy. which makes me happy. 
my cousin is my best friend and nothing will change that. we're inseperable. 
5.20.11. the day of the best thing that's ever happened to me. his name's John.<3
so, i don't know what else to put here.
so, bye.


Quotes by Taylor00Marie

I wonder if anyone thinks of me
when they can't fall asleep at night.

People say bad memories

cause you the most pain, but it's actually
the good ones that drive you

I keep myself busy
with things to do,
but everytime I pause,
I still think of you.

One of the hardest things

you'll have to do
is stop loving someone
because they stopped loving you.

Just because we don't talk
doesn't mean I don't think
about you. I'm just trying to
distance myself because I
know I can't have you.

Just because there's no crash,
doesn't mean I'm not falling. 

And just becasue my eyes are dry,
doesn't mean I'm not aching. 

I love you
for all that you are,
all that you have been,
and all you're yet to be.

A person the truly loves you
will never let you go, no matter
how hard the situation is.

I felt special.

Until I found out you talked to everyone like that.

I hate hearing something that
absolutely kills you inside
and having to act like you
don't care.

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