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Hey I just met you

and this is crazy

But here is my Witty

So Follow me mayyybeee


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I don't even know what
day it is.
I love summer.

Dear Witty,
Can we Please stop fighting over One Direction?
Some people like them, others don't.
I'm not saying I'm a Directioner, or a Hater, But can we please stop?
I mean you guys are fighting on Witty.
Witty, the place we go to laugh, not to fight.
Can we just drop the topic?
Please? (:

When you get a game request on facebook
and you want to kill the person who sent it to you.

                                                                                           quote credit:USMarineCorps2013



 Maybe If you were not such a jerk

I would tell you how I really feel.


This Or That?

[x] Curly or Straight []

[] Pizza or Pasta [ x]

[x] Fruit or Vegetables []

[x ] Blonde or Brunette []

[] Tall or Short [x]

[x] Taylor Swift or Ke$ha []

[x] Katy Perry or Lady Gaga []

[x] Justin Bieber or Cody Simpson []

[x] Eminem or Drake []

[] Bruno Mars or Big Time Rush []

[] Pink or Purple [x]

[x] PINK or Hollister []

[x] Blue or Green []

[] Cheetah or Zebra [x]

[x] USA or UK []

[x] London or Paris []

[] Winter or Summer [x]

[x] Hot Guys or Smart Guys []

[x] Uggs or Flip Flops [x](both!)

[] Love or Friendship [x]

[x] Beautiful or Hot []

[] Pancakes or Waffles [x]

[x ] Cake or Cookies []

[] Vanilla or Chocolate [x]

[] Boyfriend or Guyfriend [x]

[x] 1 Best Friend or Several Close Ones []
Try it for yourself! ☺
You know you're Best

Friends when:

You still play "Secret Agent"

"Spies" together

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Best Friend

Hey wanna here a funny joke?


I don't get it....

"I really want to see you again, because I like your

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i wanted you to know, that I love the way you laugh
I want to hold you high, and steal your pain. Away.

~Broken -  Seether  Ft.  Amy Lee 

goes my heart again <3

~Alex wolff- Thump, Thump, Thump

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