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TaylorrrRawr's Favorite Quotes

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Robert Pattinson has openely admited
that he would rather play Cedric Diggory, rather than Edward Cullen.
It's awkward that even Edward is on team Harry Potter.

Snow White: Her true love came.
Pocahontas: Had interracial love.
Rapunzel: Saved by a prince.
Mulan: Saved China and found love.
Alice: Woke up from a beautiful Wonderland only to find her cat.

We love you Alice.

disney channel should just
stop making new shows and just replay all the old ones.


Thmoney iyour wallet
  could've once belonged to Zac Efron or Barack Obama.

Im sbored of being bored...
Because being bored, Is really boring


nmf/nmq (so-relatable.tumblr.com)

Nothing is more beautiful then a smile that has struggled though tears.
-Demi Lovato


Here's to thpeople
     whhavliked  the    same person 


“Awwwww sh*t this is my jam,” I say as i spread it on my toast.


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*during a robbery*
Robber: "Give me all the money, or else you're Geometry!"
Cashier: "... Don't you mean History?"
Robber: "Don't change the subject!"