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 My thoughts on life :)
Hello, the name is Taylor. Nice to meet you :D 
I am a 13 year old 7th grader, birthday is on 9/18 but don't be fooled by my good grammar and personality, apparently I act older. :P
I love life, without it, I'd be dead. :D
From Wisconsin. Go cheeseheads. :D 
(We're actually not as redneck as people make us out to be)
My friends mean everything to me, I would never purposely try to be pissy or mean to them in any way.
I support gay marriage rights, even though I am straight because love is love, it's not based on gender. 
I don't believe in 'love at first sight'. It's like saying you love someone because of their looks, not personality. I only like a guy on his personality, his looks don't have to be perfect.
I also don't think love has an age limit. You love who you love. I mean sure, if you're 18 and your boyfriend is 60, that's a little creepy, but when you're 15 and your boyfriend/girlfriend is 19, then so be it. 
You can't help that you love them. 
I never try to upset ANYONE, I may yell at them, when they are mean to other people, but I think bullying is wrong, and I would never intentionally hurt them.
Which brings me to bullying,
I hate bullying. Don't judge someone on something they can't help, or if they have a different style than you.
Maybe they already get enough of that at home, you would never know unless you became their friend, not their pointless enemy.
I support our troops.
Don't hate on them, because they actually are willing to risk their lives to protect ours.
If you're still reading this, you must have a lot of time on your hands :)
There are two people in my school, Josie and Jonathon, that have cancer right now.
I never was friends with either of them, but I miss them, and I want them to get better.
They're too young to go through this.
Stay strong guys <3 
If I think of more opinions, I will let you know :D 
More about me :D 
I may seem like a complainer, but really I only complain on Witty, and not facebook and such.
My best friends, or also known as, my meaning of life are
*Skylee (Skyblue42), Tyler (merder), Kyle, Carissa, Emily, Cheyanna, Owen, Joe, Lilly, Lyssa H., Bethany, Katelin, Lewis, Mikaela, Hannah S., Brady, Brett, and Justin.
My favorite bands are BLINK-182<3, Mayday Parade, He Is We, The Beatles, Queen, One Direction, Adele, Mac Miller, Panic! At the Disco, Sum 41, Hollywood Undead, NeverShoutNever, Black Veil Brides, Green Day, Eminem, Skrillex, Hyper Crush, Taylor Swift, Escape The Fate, Falling In Reverse, and Mumford and Sons, (:
I enjoy pickles :) They are actually part of my many famous sayings.
"What the pickles!" "What a butt pickle." "Life is a bucket of pickles :)" "That's a bunch of soggy pickles :P"
The only sport I like is Volleyball (Well actually, I love it), because it's the only sport I'm remotely good at. :)
I enjoy a lot of genres of music. Such as: Pop-rock, Rock, Post hard core (screamo), Techno, Rap, Country, Soft Pop, Soft Rock, Classic Rock, etc.
 The only times I get upset, are over death or if someone is upsetting me, but when that happens, it doesn't last long. 
I'm just an all around happy person. :)
Well that's all I have to say for now. 
Goodbye now beauties. <3
*My Best Friend For 5 Years Now :D 
R.I.P My Brother Shayne Gregory Martell 11/06/98 </3

Quotes by Taytayhess123

Kylie, a senior-to-be in my school.

I know hardly anyone will see this, but I just wanted to say;

Even though we weren't friends, you still have the greatest support system.
You have so much family and friends that really love and care about you.
Heaven has gained a new perfect angel.

You Will Be Greatly Missed.


I like how the Ninja Turtles wear masks. 
Good way to hide your identity, it's not like you're a giant turtle or anything. 



Forever Is A Long Time 

But I, Wouldn't Mind Spending It By Your Side♥


I love all my witty sisters.
They're my dorks, weirdos, and people I can trust with anything.

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On Facebook
I can post an inspirational status and get 10 likes.
Then a popular person posts that they watched a movie and get 14402727774834235 likes.

We All Have The One Friend

Who is 50 pounds lighter than you
And says they're so fat, but you aren't

Seriously, you're beautiful just the way you are.


That Awkward Moment When
You start losing your friends to s*ut-hood 
And pothead-ism. 


I'm Strong On The Surface,
Not All The Way Through.
I've Never Been Perfect,
But Neither Have You.


Friend: Why are you always at my house?
Me: Your brother is cute. 

I Somehow Find It More Important

To Plan Tomorrow's Outfit
Before I do my homework.