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Quotes by Teardrops_On_White_Roses


today a little boy came up to me and tugged on my pants
when I asked him what I could help him with
he giggled shyly and said,
I just wanted you to know that your the prettiest lady i ever saw"

I love that little gentleman<3

 *otherwise known as the day that I mysteriously drop off the face of the earth  as the

lts twisted,
            messed up,
&&the more I think about it it's crazy
                   >>but so what?

 o what                                                                      

m e a n   a l o t   t o   h i m                            
so much that it's staring to scare me
[because if I mess up, I'll be hurting
him more than myself] 

&&I'm falling fast
but the
*truth is
I'm not scared at all

you couldn't understand
even if you tried
the reason why she cries at night
why she tries to hide
don't try to come close
she'll only push you away
there's something you don't know
words that she couldn't say
she tries with all her might
to be herself around her friends
but something doesn't feel right
a broken heart couldn't mend
she pretends she's strong
a tough outer shell
but there's always something wrong
she's trapped inside her hell
she want's to speak
to tell you the whole truth
but she's just to weak
broken without a drop of glue
painfully shy
the little bird that couldn't fly
dying on the inside
a body without a mind
maybe if you took the time
fine the person she tries to be
maybe if you looked inside



it's alright
don't worry about me

I'll be fine soon enough
just wait and see
I won't let it weigh me down forever  

&&+ now that were together
I have a reason to get better
so don't worry about me


baby why'd you leave me                          
why'd you have to go? I was counting on forever, now I'll never know


suck my 
~n    o    n      e   x   i   s   t  e   n   t ~

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