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Sup brahs (mainly sisters)? I like to address you guys as dude so I don't feel about being a 20 year old university student male. Fancy formats are for losers (or smart people, your call). The name's Alex and I'll be 20 in December. I don't give out personal info upon request because I have to appear 'professional'... or something. Thus, I keep Wittyprofiles separate from my real life and try and make myself unrecognizable from my real life social media. Real life social media. . You guys know what I mean. In other words, I won't give out personal unless I so wish to.

The Maple Leafs are just terrible. Shut up Neon. TURRIBLE.

Quotes by Toronto Maple Chokes*

 "Grade 3 logic, you hate everyone until they have food you like."

 Me: My logic hasn't changed.

My quote

 If you can't afford condoms,

 you can't afford kids.


 If you were born in September

it's pretty obvious your parents started the new year with the bang.


           i offend everyone.

 I don't have "haters"

I have friends in denial.


Can someone please explain this Witty Queen nonsense?
Yeah because thats what we need- more teenage girls fighting over an online award.

Dear Girls,

When you complain about no good guys left, remember I'm here waiting in the friend's zone.

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"I miss the '90s!"
is born in 1999.

dude, I thought of this, but I bet its on tumblr somewhere. Boo f@ckin hoo.
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  So... 2012 is almost over,

when will the world end now?

 Feel free to make it pretty
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  The moment

 where the "cool" girl at school forgets to enlarge one b00b for a selfie.

 Feel free to make it pretty
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