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Sup brahs (mainly sisters)? I like to address you guys as dude so I don't feel about being a 20 year old university student male. Fancy formats are for losers (or smart people, your call). The name's Alex and I'll be 20 in December. I don't give out personal info upon request because I have to appear 'professional'... or something. Thus, I keep Wittyprofiles separate from my real life and try and make myself unrecognizable from my real life social media. Real life social media. . You guys know what I mean. In other words, I won't give out personal unless I so wish to.

The Maple Leafs are just terrible. Shut up Neon. TURRIBLE.

Toronto Maple Chokes*'s Favorite Quotes

anakin: the jedi turned against me. don't you turn against me, too.
i don't know you anymore. anakin, you're breaking my heart. you're going down a path i can't follow.
anakin: because of obi-wan?
padme: because of what you've done! what you plan to do!
obi wan: *steps out of ship*
anakin: i came here to have a good time and i'm honestly feeling so attacked right now.

most people spend their time trying to find someone to sleep with instead of finding someone worth waking up to

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Rocking out with your bestfriend,
just because you can.

Some people should just avoid


Not everyone is talented enough to use it.

The reason I'm funny is because
my life is a joke.
Why is it when guys take off their shirts in public, it's hot,
but when I take off my shirt in public everyone screams and runs away?
This quote does not exist.

Trying to calm a women down when shes upset  
is like trying to baptize a cat.
*12-year-old white girl voice*
"But like I'm so depressed because I'm so socially awkies. And like I'm never getting a best friend. Only cats love me. I like knitting and starbucks. And idk what a boyfriend is lol. Don't judge me haters. Tumblr is my life xD. hahahaha what is air? NUTELLLAAAAA!!11!"

 "Grade 3 logic, you hate everyone until they have food you like."

 Me: My logic hasn't changed.

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