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Life is a waste of space that ppl live in, Life is a way of talking to ppl who betray you no matter what, Life is where you become depressed if you don't fight, Life is where ppl die trying☹☠〰⚛✡☸☮✝☦☪☯

Teitoku's Favorite Quotes

i feel like my whole life i have been running forward without looking back. at some point a few years ago i slowed down and just stopped. i slowly started walking again but i can never get to that momentum back again. i want to find that place again. blind faith keeping me charging forward. i don't want to question anything anymore. i want the bliss of not knowing anything else. i want to put the blinders back on.

Don't say you still love me, 'cause I might just believe you.

I don't need another reason to stay, your voice brought me home, now I feel so left out in the cold. Is this still real?