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My name is Teresa. I am currently thirteen, & my birthday is November 6th(: I am currently living in Pennsylvania, home of the hill-billies.(: i am easy to get along with, soo if you want to talk, just comment on my profile & we can talk on facebook! I have a couple people who mean to world to me.. those people would be, Lacey Kuhlmann, the girl who has been there for the longest time. Laura Bibbs, all time number one bestfriend- we all have one of those. Kim kenah, we have been friends since 1st grade & last, my brother Joe. He is the best brother a sister could ever ask for. I mean, you we fight .. but what siblings don't fight? Joe will always be there for me. He knows when im upset, and when im not in the mood. He always try to make me happy. Joe means the world to me at tomes, i have to see just once a day to keep me happy. we like to tell people that we are twins because we look soo much alike (; I am a born again Christian, & i becam one on March, 13 th 2011. &Becoming a christian was the best decision i ever made. It changed my life.I go to Jesus for everything, even tho he may not answer when i call, He is still there My mommy is my best friend. She is always there for me, she always puts me first. She tries her best to put a smile on my face, i love her with everything i own. My mom is my bestfriend. We fight a lot, & sometimes i seems like i don't love her as much as i say, but deep deep down, she is my absolute everything.

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I always said there will be a place in my heart for you.
But I didn't say if it was good or bad .



Anyone out there who has a tumblr, please follow me & i will follow you. 


I love waking up & not knowing where any of my family is .. 
Who else thinks the smell of freshly cut grass is just amazing? 

 Awkward Moment When....  

Cleverbot wont even answer you .. 

the awkwa rd moment when
When your best friend tells you they like the same person you like .. 

Pickles are cucumber's soaked in 

If a guy has abs,

Then they have automatically become irresistible 
If you agree 


Oh thank you God, Facebook chat now has a scroll bar 
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I'lstoloving you,

When you start loving me.