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Paige.12.New York
So here are the basics.. my name is paige and i am obviously twelve and i live in new york.. the city that never sleeps.. ;) .. my favorite sports are: basketball and lacrosse..my favorite movie is grown ups.. my favorite book is the pretty little liars series which i am reading now.. ok... so a little about me is that i am OBSESSED with cody simpson.. he is my lovey and my future husband so he's mine girls so BACK OFF haha! ;] my dream is to live in AUSTRALIA and meet ilove_him in real life.. check her out if youcan while your at it... hehe so about me is that i am very outgoing and i talk way too much!! once i am like really confortable with you i start acting like totally crazy so be aware haha.. i love winky faces like this ;) and this ;] so i will overuse them if i ever talk to you.. i am really short like 5'2 but im still growing.. thank god.. i am jewish and my bat mitzvah will be on may 26th.. i have never had my first kiss yet but i am waiting for the right one to come.. i am not like one of those girls that dresses half naked for boys so don't worry.. i came on witty so that i can show my true feeling to all of you witty girls because i know that us all are very very similar.. so i hope you enjoy my quotes... you can leave a comment whenever & also : comment/fave/follow ♥
Love From Ellie ♥
Yupp, hi.. I'm Ellie (hollingsworthx) and this is me hacking Paige. Right well, just wanted to let you know that Paige is the nicest, funniest, most amazing, gorgeous girl evaaaaa! She is so loyal it's unreal, me and her have been witty friends for ages, and she's always been there for me! I can talk to her for hours, and not get bored, simply because she isjust that great! Unfortunately I don't actually know Paige, but oh my god, if I did.. ME AND HER WOULD RULE THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD! I have never known anyone to be so fucking brilliant as Paige, as we Brittish people would say, "She is fucking class!" muahahah. Basically, all I'm saying is.. look through her quotes, fave them, follow her and leave her a comment, because she is truley AWESOME, and her quotes are amazing, just like her. Yeah, this last little bit is for Paige, OMG PAIGE, I want to meet you, like now, you're the bestest girl ever!! And I want you to know, You are beautiful and amazing, and I love you sosososososososososososooo much, like wow, I really do... And whenever I'm in New York, I'm coming for a fucking visit, ok!? good. I LOVE YOU PAIGE, MORE THAN I LOVE ALEX TURNER, and that's a whole fucking lot. ♥♥♥♥
~Ellie (hollingsworthx)
Vanessa Hacking! 
Okay, get ready for an epic message: Oh my gosh, where the hell do I start? We've met maybe 2 months ago? & i'm so glad we did. This little piece of amazing you see up there has become my best friend ever. She's the nicest person you'll probably ever meet. She's funny and totally forgiving. Paige LOVES Cody Simpson, which makes her about 9421734x cooler. If Cody had to pick who he loved more, me or Paige, even though Paige is too young for him, he would still pick her because she is WAY prettier and amazing. I will attend her and Cody's wedding AND her lovely bamitsfa (sorry, I can't spell anything). I will fly to New York to visit you this summer so we can meet < 3 & maybe go to a Cody Simpson concert.. c: Anyways, make this girl smile and send her a comment, and give her a notification from a beloved follower. I LOVE YOU PAIGE.
~Vannessa (iloveyaahx3)
Tasha Hacking ;]
also known as paige's sexy love. So heres are story...we saw each other, fell in love, the end. every little part iin between would be too hot for anybody to take in all at once. So you should all know by now that Paige is one amazing friend and human bean. So im not going to get into that. But heres the basics for any of you newbies who havent witnessed this godess before: nice? no. wrong. thats a crime to call paige NICE. who do you think you are?! SHE IS UNBELIEVABLY SWEET OKAY. : funny. the fuck man. what are you trying to get at? shes hilarious. it should be illegal to call her FUNNY. shes the generations next comedian. were going to be partners in crime to make you pee your pants with our hiariousness. : smart : first of all...a lot of people are smart. This chick is witty, highly intelligent, and can think of quotes on the spot. If she wanted, she could become the next president. NO. SHE WILL BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT. EVEN IF SHE DOESNT WANT TO. and i will be her first lady. : fashionable. : bitch please. shes a fashion role model. ive only seen like one of her shirts. BUT I LIKED IT. : cool : more like pack leader. people dream of having this chill status Paige has owned up to, she is like the...WHATEVER FAMOUS COOL PERSON OF OUR TIME. anyways. i think you get my point right? i dont know why there arent tshirts of her by now. its totally unfair, i want one.So me and her havent met yet, but when we will, everyone will know. IT WILL BE ALL OVER THE NEWS. i'll make sure of it. I just love this chick, shes the one of the bestest friends anyone could ask for. I love you♥ I'm so sad we cant actually see each other in real life. everyday i go on your profile and im just like...hxbdcguygfcrcdhyfchrusyfg. WHY LIFE WHY. but yeah one day we'll meet, and fuck shit up. because thats just what chicks do after not seeing each other for thousands of years. we will have statues named after us. And sure, maybe theyll be maybe out of play doh and i'll try to put them on the statue of liberty and be sent to jail for my stubborness or something but those will be MEMORIES. ♥ Anyway youre amazing, and i love you. Anyone who disagrees can seriously just leave. forever. SO I LOVE YOU. byee.
~Tasha [ sparkly_rain_bows321 ]
Elena Hacking♥
So..I shall start my hacking. I am not good at this but I will do my best for you.So... Paige is a pieace of epicness.Everytime I talk to her she brings all her epicness and she make me smile.We started to talk , not a long time ago , but this isn't mean that I don't love her. BECAUSE I DO. I love this girl.She is very very beautiful, gorgeous, funny, lovely, flawless , caring, one of a kind , friendly , amazing, awesome ,unbelievable , remarkable , stunning and in one word she is pretty much PERFECT.We decided to spend this Christmas together and Hanukkah as well. Christmas at me and Hanukkah at her place. After this , we will wait until next year to repeat the experience again :)So.. I get out of ideas.. But Paige. She is my little sister♥. MESS WITH HER and you will have a problem with me! And we should be friends. :)So, Paige... You are fucking beautiful. Never forget that. And I want to make it unique and I will just add a picture :) HA. I love you so much ! Stay beautiful!
~Elena [ ThatsSoMeee ]

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