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Hey it's Bre! I'm 14 and I love having fun and meeting new people
I have to be the most insecure girl out there,..
When I look in the mirror I'm dissapointed with what I see.
I'm nutorious for putting up walls, because all I've ever known is heartbreak.
I love H i m and I hope he's the o n e.
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You're the one for me, and I'm the one for you. You take the both of us and we're the perfect two. <3

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Don't know if I could ever be without you because boy you complete me. And in time I know that we'll both see that we're all we'll need. <3

I'm the kind of girl who would love to be yours if you'd ask me to so, just take a chance, try to hold me hand I swear I'll never let go just let me know if you'd be my man. <3

Oh darling I love you so, if you'd ask me for my heart there's no way that I'd say no. <3

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And today, the love of my life leaves to get on a plane and go back to his home town. I won't see him again until the fourth of July.

And here's the catch;   he's not even my boyfriend. </3

Can I get a few faves to let me know that my witty sisters will be here for me?

Much love,  Bre <3
I'm overboard, and I need your love to pull me up. I can't swim on my own, it's too much. Feels like I'm drowning without your love. So throw yourself out to me, my life  saver. <3 
I am the sky, and you are the sea. You are the one who colors me. <3
If you {truly} love someone, then the only thing you want is for them to be happy... even if it's not with you. </3
And she loves a boy very, {very} much. Even more than she loves herself. <3
If you've got my {trust}, don't l o s e it. If you've got my {love}, don't a b u s e it. <3
You may admire Romeo and Juliet's story for a while, but in the end you'll realize that the greatest love story is your own. <3
And when I let my mind wonder, it {always} leads back to you. <3
Ever since I met you, it hasn't been the same. All you've got me doing, is drawing hearts around your name. <3