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Quotes by ThatAverageGirl

Our funny memories make me laugh in inappropriate situations...


Because I need your love so bad 


It makes me sad that I'll never truly know you 

I see you in my dreams
                                         but I know it's all a lie

Never quite feeling good enough


Your smile is cute
You skin is flawless
Your eyes are big
Your hair is gorgeous
People sit admiring day by day
And yet you wish your looks away
The thing is that, you just don't see, 
All I ever think is
Why can't that be me?


Clinging on to someone

                                                                                                                         even though they let go a long time ago...

Feeling good about yourself until you go to school and see what other people are looking like.

The hurt of knowing 

                                                             that he'll never look at you

                                                                                                                                          the way you look at him