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hi c: I'm angie. Im starting over. Putting my life back on track. Before this point my life consisted of acting  way to cool for school (literally sometimes), gettting in trouble, and not caring. But thats over I hope through my quotes maybe you'll see that change. :) oh yeahhh and sorry about my user name, I wish i could change it because my life doesnt revolve around them. Im a directioner but my quotes arent really about them at all.

Any ways im from a strange place called 
C A L I F O R N I A . I love it here :) junior !! I am 16 and not pregnants. s'like yeah

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nothing everything in life good or bad is a blessing

that took wayy too long :P

beautiful, Stay original, Stay strong.

I love you .

Quotes by ThatOneDirectionGurl

when even your bestfriend cant date you. broke my heart right then. we will never be the same.
when bestfriends fall in love with eachother

♥♥♥just happend to me♥♥♥
When he doesnt text you back..
You no how hard it is to put the knife down. To not cut. When people like you call them c*nts, sl*t, b*tch. Yeah you dont know so dont judge if you dont understand what someones been through.
When someone can just feels the right to call you a c*nt.
If Frank Ocean and Bruno Mars made a song together imagine the heavenly tears we would all cry
Friend: Your such a lesbian.
Me: I prefer the term to gay to function thank you very much.

Teacher: So if there is an x outside of an absolute value would you distibute? Angie I see your paying attention (sarcasm) could you answer my question?
Me: Wait if x is outside absolute value the limit is zero so the limit does not exist THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST!!
Girls and in the class:   burst out laughing
Teacher: Burst out laughing.
Boys int the class: is this like period or one direction joke or something?
Pooh: How do you spell love, piglet?
Piglet: You dont spell you. You feel it.
Maury: You say your a bad b*tch?
Maury: The lie detector determined, THAT WAS A LIE!!