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Quotes by ThatRandomGuy97

good bye witty, you were a home to me, you gave me family and friends and now theyre all gone, memories broken, people lost, think im gonna leave for a while, if anyof you see this comment below until then ill just be thinking of what couldve been... do it up!
somebody snapchat me:3 xxerictm15 pwease and thank you
anybody wanna snapchat? bored i need someone to talk to xxerictm15
Alone Forever ive begun to accept it
I really need new witty friends... my other ones faded away... talk to me if you want
that depressing moment when you leave witty for a while, and all your witty friends forget about you, they dont talk to you, and you feel like they all just left you.

ill miss you guys<3
hope your living good</3
Never going back to
to fat
to ugly
to paranoid
to caring
to nice
pretty much me