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I'm only here because Tumblr is down.

She's mine!
You stay away from her! It's not her time!

-----Pierce The Veil - A Match Into Water


I love how he kisses me, 
With his hands on my waist, I feel him smiling & that makes me giggle. His soft blonde hair tickles my face making me laugh even more, I love how he pulls me closer & hugs me tight while he whispers into my ear "you're so cute & little, I never wanna let you go" we stand there until our legs give in. I love how he always has to be cuddling me or holding my hands, I love how I have to stand on something or be sitting down to kiss him, when I'm cold he'll do anything to make me warm and when I'm sad he'll do anything to make me happy, when we fight, even if I'm wrong he will let me win.

I love him.

True story, bro


I was textinhim last night & I saw him at school this morning when I was on my way to my first class & he smiled at me. I couldn't stop smiling throughout the whole day & my friends noticed, they asked me what I was so happy about and I just smiled and laughed. I think I love him <3


Best guy friend: I love you <3
Ex: I love you, but don't tell anyone.
Friend: I love you so much
Guy I don't like: I want you so bad, I love you

Guy I like: Lol, who are you?



Dahvie Vanity & Jayy Von Monroe; 
So called;
"F@ggots" "trash" "wanna be trendsetters" "bad music"

Don't you think love is worth fighting for?
Don't you wanna live for something more?
We all deserve the right to love,
Open your mind to something big,
Step out of the world in which you live, 
realise we all have the right to love. 
btw follow jacqui459 and ofdgirl (:

Nicki Minaj; 

So called;
"inspiring" "real music" "hot" "cool"

You a stupid h0e, you a, you a stupid h0e
(stupid, stupid)
You a stupid h0e, you a, you a stupid h0e
(stupid, stupid)
You a stupid h0e, you a, you a stupid h0e
(stupid, stupid)
(stupid, stupid)

Are we doing something wrong?!

I have a problem
There's 4 guys that 'love' me. two of them, I really don't like, at all but the other two I'm torn between. One is 17 & one is 15. I'm 13, The 15 year old is so nice and cute but quite clingy and the 17 year old is just like me, He's depressed, really funny and completly honest and I love him. but I just can't get over the 15 year old, I've asked my friends who I should go with and they all say the 17 year old because everyone hates the 15 year old. 
help? please, I'm so confused.

if you read this, I love you <3

Requesting a "meatlong football" at Subway will not only get you nothing to eat, but laughed at by everyone in earshot.

He told me he 
loveme. </3