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On Edge.



I stood on the edge of the bridge looking down at the water below me. "Are you sure were supposed to be up here?" I asked my best friend Ethan. He smiled at me. "What makes you think we shouldn't be up here?" I shrugged and put my hands on the shelf of the bridge. I looked behind me, Ethan was staring out into space shirtless behind me. I mean its not like I haven't seen him shirtless before, but it was a cool night out, even if it WAS summer. I turned back around and watched the water spalsh against the rocks. I started walking down the side of the bridge. "My mom would die to see this. Oh wait, shes already dead. Does that mean shes already seen it?" I said turning to Ethan who was following close behind me. He pulled me into a hug. "Chloe, don't think of it that way. You'll make yourself upset." He said stroking my hair. I sobbed into his chest. "To late." I slid my arms around him. He was the only person who could possibly keep me sane, and possibly safe.
As for, what I didn't know what was coming next.

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