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Quotes by That_Irish_Kid

I've made a lot of mistakes

Rachel was not one of them
why dont you tell me?
Just say what you mean
I'm your best friend

Tell me please
I wish people would just tell me what they think of me
To my face
Give me that much, will you?
Hating someone your best friend loves.

Sucks, huh?
I'm so tired of all the expectations
Being happy because, people still read your qutoes.
Even though:
My profile is boring
I have not interesting formats
I keep forgetting to make my text colour black rather then default.

I love you witty :p
I just realised how active I've actually become, on witty.

Darn, I didn't think I'd get sucked in

Oh well, off to brainstorm some new quotes!
has anyone else, gone through that thing?

That thing where you're trying to put deoderant on, and you accidentally spray it into your eyes.


I'm smart
Do you ever wish people actually took you seriously?
Yeah, me too.
This goes out the all the Irish people out there.

Dear IRA,
Both my Great-grandfathers fought for a great cause, a cause that would liberate Ireland and its people. Not from tyranny, but so that we would be able to have our own country back. Did they have to kill? No. They killed because they were attacked. Not because they wanted to, because they had to.

One of my Great-grandfathers was killed in the mill, the other, was only sixteen. He faked his age so he could join. He fought alongside Paudric Pierce in the GPO. He was lucky enough to make it out with his life. He wore his veterans medal with pride, knowing that, he did the right thing.

But if my Great-grandfather's were alive today, they would look down on what you have become. The IRA was a symbol of freedom, and eventuall, peace. But what has it become. You kill your own people, and for what? You're not getting anywhere.

How are you supposed to liberate the people you kill? You can't. The world has stepped past you, because they can no longer respect you, for what you have done since 1922.

Think of the fallen, think of the Veterans. Think of your brothers, your sisters. Don't be foolish with your lives, don't be foolish with others lives.

Make the Men who died for what they believed in, proud. By not killing your fellow man. Sure, we all want our country back, but blowing up buildings won't get you the attention you want.

Be REAL men, walk up to them, shake their hand, and talk. Talk, thats all I ask you to do, that's all I ask you to try. Please.

Make my Great-grandfathers proud.

Honour the Fallen