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Quotes by ThatsSoMeee

we all have that boy

He’s the boy we try to pretend we aren’t looking for
as we make our way to class.

He’s the boy that we lie about
and claim to not care about anymore.

He’s the boy that gives you the cliche butterflies,
complete with the weakness in the knees...


 Its the kind of

that you just can’t fake.
It’s the kind of intense, supernatural feeling
that only comes around
when all a person needs to do is

brush a fingertip against your arm,
and you feel like you may never
breathe again.


making a joke

in front of a ton of people
and having them all crack up
is one if the most beautiful feelings
you’ll ever feel.
Don’t deny it.



Do you guys realize it's my freaking birthday?
I am getting older
Well, happy birthday to me! ( and my twin )
I am old.
Old :(


could you imagine

if facebook and instagram got like a “seen by” note
next to your photos and then you’d know who didn’t like your photo.
I think I’d start hating people more
if that happened.


nothing feels better than being loved
by someone who hates everyone


why won't you

bump into me on the street
and ask for my number
and take me out for coffee
and fall in love with me .
What am i doing wrong?


Do you ever

just stare at really attractive people and think

“how” ?


The flutters of butterfly wings
in the pit of my stomach,
the tingle that surfaced under my skin when we touched,
the glance from the corner of our eyes that made me smile,
and the deep warm whole feeling between my chest.

When you left, you didn’t just take you;
you took it all...


 its amazing.

Some people, they just say these small little things,
one sentence and it changed the way you feel
about them in an instant.
Small little words that can hurt you so much
or make you fall deeply in love forever.
It changes everything,
nothing between you is ever really the same again,
even if they dont know it,
it still happens...


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