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Quotes by ThatsSoMeee

i really dont understand 
 how a lot of you are single
because you’re all attractive
and have good music taste
like what more do people want


Any pain
you are going through right now;
it will end.

Take a deep breath.
Think of that one, bright, happy thing in your life
and smile.
Live another day.
It’s worth it.
Trust me.


Some things

may be nothing for us, yet it could mean the world to others.
Similarly, some things may be easy for us, yet so painful for others.
Realize this and know why at times forgiveness comes hard.
Take care of other people’s feelings,
because sorry is not always an effective remedy.

do you ever
just wanna sit next to someone
and listen to everything they could possibly say
about anything ever
just because you like their face
and their voice
and their general existence?


i just want to go to
a coffee shop

on a rainy day and order something nice and warm
and have an attractive stranger around my age say
“I’ll have one of those too, please”
and for them to smile at me and introduce themselves
and for us to slowly fall in love in a coffee shop

but instead whenever I go to a coffee shop ,
I find teenagers taking pictures
of their orders with their iPhones
and middle aged women wearing
yoga pants..


Life can be
long or short,

it all depends on how you choose to live it.
It’s like forever, always changing.
For any of us our forever could end in an hour,
or a hundred years from now.
You can never know for sure,
so you’d better make every second count.
What you have to decide is how you want your life to be.

If your forever was ending tomorrow,
is this how you’d want to have spent it?


if i ever become

i’m trusting you guys
to never tell the media
about my witty.


do you guys realize 
we can change our lives any time we want
like you can just go ahead and travel the world,
stop eating meat,
shave your head,
start running,
tell that person you hate why you hate them so much,
confess your
love to someone
and kiss them unexpectedly
like why don’t we do that?

i would 
never cheat on someone.
I mean someone being stupid enough to date me
is a once in a lifetime thing
I'm not gonna mess it up


 The only reason
I enjoy going to bed is
so I can make stories up in my head
which makes my brain think
it’s actually real.


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