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Heyy, do you guys think I should delete all the sad songs on my ipod?
I Should've Kissed You <3
Oh so you're doing this to move on? Yes I realise that you're hurt and scared, but so am I. Are you really going to throw the friendship away? Just please stop and think for a second... Daniel, I love you.
that moment when you just want to stay in bed all day and cry </3
Living Without You
I keep looking in all the places,
Where you are supposed to be.
But I never seem to find you,
And you're all I long to see.
I just can't seem to understand,
What it was that changed your mind.
All this time I thought I knew you,
When really, I was blind.
But know that I do not hate you,
And I know I never will.
Because I cared about you then,
And I care about you still.
Even though you hurt me,
I can't seem to let you go.
But I will go on without you,
And I want to make sure you know.
It will take some time to mend,
The damage that you've done.
But broken hearts do heal,
That's where strength comes from.
For now, the tears may be falling,
And my thoughts keep circling to you.
But soon, things will get better,
If you have hope, then they always do. 
Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!
Now copy and repost this.
If you don't, you'll have bad relationships for 69 years.
By 12:05 pm tonight, your one true love will realize how much they waant you 

sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get over you...