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 You've got that one thing. Hi, there. Oh, hello. I'm obviously thebrokensmile. Who are you? Comment :3 Hopefully, I'll respond but sometimes I get really lazy. Anyway, I'm in a relationship with five boys. No, I'm not some female player of lady or the night, hee-hee. Their names are Liam, Harry, Louis, Niall and Zayn. My inspirtations. They honestly make me smile so much. And I might get to meet them :c Yay. Anywho. My life revolves around a lot of things but of course, you can tell that one of the main ones are 1d and Witty. I'll be more active soon because finals, school and stress have taken over my life but no need to worry, thebrokesmile will be back with much better quotes. So read my old ones, look out for new ones and keep calm and larry on.
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Quotes by TheBrokenSmile

"No one cares."

Think again. I care. Your Witty friends care. We're a family.

Look past the bullies, the trollers, and the haters - 200,00+ people use Witty.

And I bet 200,00+ people care. No one cares? Wrong.

We're only a comment away.


makes mistakes. Don't blame me for being human.


Yohate me?     
Based on what? Rumors? Well, none of them are true.
Therefore, your argument is invalid.

I wish that we could have a Detox Day at my high school. So all the girls hiding behind the make-up on their faces could show their true beauty. Maybe that'd teach them some self respect.
People always drown me out. They pretend I don't exist. They look past me. They don't care. And that hurts. To be in a crowded room, but feels so empty because people treat you like a ghost. These days, nothing's made me feel whole. Nothing's made me feel human. I feel like a gust of wind. They know I'm there, but they don't see me. I'm just an unwanted draft. A ghost of a girl.
Go ahead. Break me. I dare you. I'm fed up with people thinking I'm some sort of piece of glass. They drop me and watch me shatter. They don't even clean up the mess. Apparently, that's my job. Well, newsflash: It's been done before. I've been stabbed, used, abused and hated. I have this 'broken' thing down.

You don't like me? Okay, do you want a gold sticker? A cookie? A medal?

Fairytales aren't real. But there's something about your smile that convinces me otherwise.

Yes, someone wrote this quote. Does it matter who? No. Does it matter why? Yes. I want you to look at yourself in the mirror. Feel your heart beating. Close your eyes. Listen to yourself breathe. Let me state the obvious here: You're human. You're alive. But let me add something else: You may be alive, but it doesn't mean your living. You only have one chance to be a teenager, to be a kid, to be you. You only live once. You've heard it everywhere, but it's true. Be wild. Be reckless. Go crazy. You only have one chance. Don't spend your days locked behind closed doors, building walls around yourself and blocking people out. Sure, we all have our bad days but sometimes we just have to put on our screw-you smiles and live. You're alive. Take advantage of that. Tomorrow is the past, today is the present.


Food. Food. Food. Food. Food.
Food. Food. Food. Food. Food.
Food. Food. Food. Food. Food.

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snacker time.